Point to you if you understood that this is Pizza Corner-inspired. After all they are the ones who have Conizza, Sandwizza etc etc. I was there yesterday for dessert (not pizza!), well technically the dessert was from Cream and Fudge Factory, but we were sitting in Pizza Corner to eat it. AND my birthday lunch yesterday featured Pizza, AND I just had more pizza for dinner today, so obviously I have pizza on my mind. I don’t think Pizzas can run, so I’d have to say that I have pizzas are rolling through my mind. What all of this pizza-festival resulted in is my idea for a new dish that I’d like to call Toastizza.
I love pizza (especially homemade), but warming up the oven seems like too much work sometimes. So if you could just pop the pizza in the toaster? It would be cooked in a snap. So here’s my recipe for Toastizza. (Note: This will only work on a 4-slice Toaster)

1 six-inch pizza base
2 tbsp pizza sauce (do not sub with tomato sauce, please!)
1/2 cup sliced vegetables (onions, capsicum, corn, mushrooms. You could also go fancy and do olives and jalapenos)
2 tbsp milk
2 tbsp grated Amul cheese
1 tbsp grated Parmesan (if you have this one, I am extremely jealous!)
1 tsp butter
seasonings to taste (salt, pepper, garlic, oregano, coriander, etc)

Melt butter, saute the vegetables till they are cooked but still slightly crunchy. Add milk, cheese and seasoning. Cook for 2 minutes or till cheese melts and lightly coats the vegetables.(Sauce should not be runny)
Toast the pizza base in the Toaster. Quickly spread the pizza sauce and top with the vegetable mixture. Eat!
Pizza in 15 minutes, faster than delivery!

Author’s Note: I have not tried this one yet, so If you could please try it and let me know how it turns out? 😉


Prepping for my Birthday!

After much deliberation, I have finally decided what to do for my birthday. Now anyone who knows me, will understand that when I say I have finally decided, how many hours I must have spent pondering over this, how many options, ideas, decisions and pseudo-decisions (which were actually sad little dreams just pretending) I must have trampled my way through to get here. But yes, I have now decided.
The first thing I have decided is that this year I like the colour red and its various shades, inlcuding pink. So everyone coming to my party must wear red/pink. You can wear other colours also of course, but your outfit must have a substantial/ very noticeable touch of red.
The second thing is that I want to have a pizza party! (Thank you Endless Eats for the idea!) Its a make-your-own-pizza event, so we can all have exactly the kind of pizza we want. I will provide the pizza base, tomato sauce and cheese, and some of the toppings I like – paneer, capsicum, onion, tomato, sweet corn, sweet red capsicum, sun dried tomato.
Condiments – pepper, paprika, coriander, green chilli, oregano, basil, garlic salt, and olive oil.
If there is something else you’d like me to include, let me know in the comments and I’ll see if I can find it!
So that’s it folks. 22nd February, 11 AM, my place. Bring your crazy pizza ideas and your appetite! (And my present, of course. Hint, hint…) And don’t forget to wear red, and RSVP in the comments so I’ll know how many people to prepare for!

An Ode to Kanji

Turmeric pickling in the sun
Glowing with secret warmth.

Hand-pounded mustard
Burning fire in my throat.

Little tiny flecks of chilli
Dangerous heat of passion.

Floating in your cage of glass
Reflecting the dimming sun
Watched by eager eyes awaiting the turn of shade that is your zenith,
And my goal.

Bitter, sharp, pungent
Lovechild born of stolen sunny moments in winter.
Kanji of a dozen tiny suns
Soft sponge exploding love in my mouth.