Hot n Sweet Tofu

Julia’s spirit finally kicked in a day late, inspiring me to concoct this sweet and spicy tofu and babycorn curry. Of course, this is definitely not French, but it is from a modern day Americanized adaptation of a traditionally non-American dish, so I think its close enough. Confession time: My only inspiration was mom complaining about the pack of tofu I’d bought a month ago and frozen… Under threat of it being thrown into the garbage, what choice did I have? Raiding the fridge threw up some babycorn also, so in it went!

I started by sauteing the tofu, sliced babycorn, and onions in oil (separately). Put aside. Then I added a bit of fresh oil into the pan along with minced ginger and garlic slices. When cooked, I added soy sauce and a spoon of sugar. Let it cook without stirring till the sugar was partly caramelised, after which I added vinegar, sliced red chilles and water. Added all the veggies and cooked on low till the tofu absorbed the liquid. At that point I realised that I’d need more curry in order to eat it with rice, so I added more water and a bit of cornflour to thicken it. Adjusted the salt, turned off the gas and finally added some chopped garlic greens (fresh from my own garden, thank you very much!) for a bit of colour and its was done. It tasted really good. Next time I’m planning to make iit with chicken!

P.S. Made muffins today for the first time ever… Photos tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Hot n Sweet Tofu

  1. It looks really yum and combined with the fact that I have never tried Tofu makes my stomach growl. Unfortunately I need to satisfy it with my regular roti and curry 😦 Hopefully we can have a group cooking session some day for us to sample your experiments.

  2. @Sneha: You really ought to try it with chicken, or fish. I have a feeling its going to be amazing. Sorry I can't give you an actual recipe. I generally don't measure stuff that I'm putting in, or the time. Thats makes it really hard to write an actual recipe. Why don't I make this for you when you come here?@Soumalya: We can't even manage to get together for dinner out and you want to have a group cook? Oh well, that might actually work coz there will be other people involved. Sometimes its easier to do big stuff than small.

  3. Yes lets go out this weekend. We'll meet for icecream if nothing else. After all, there is always always time for icecream. Especially if its chocolate. ;)Do you know your schedule for the weekend? I don't have anything planned, lets set up a time and place. Send me a message or something.And for the group cookout, plan something! I kind of had a group cook for my birthday… just pizza though, and everybody ended up making almost the same kind of pizza.

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