Yes, so I was supposed to post photos of the muffins yesterday. Well at least I’m getting to it today. Except the “today” has already turned to tomorrow, and the yesterday should have been the day before! Maybe that is why you are not supposed to be up late at night – so as to not get confused about dates and relative time references!
Anyway, now that there are just two muffins them left, I figured I better get to writing this post. So here are my little beauties… yes they were little, more like “mini-muffins” in a lovely daisy shape (Thank you Walmart!)

I only made twelve coz thats how many my pan will fit at a time. And since this was my VERY FIRST BATCH OF MUFFINS, I tried out three variants – almond, chocolate chip and tutti-fruity. Unexpectedly, while all of them tasted good, the tutti-fruity turned out to be the best, though its usually not a favourite of mine.
Here’s a close-up shot of an almond one.

Next stop: Banana Oat Muffins!


8 thoughts on “Muffinz!

  1. MMMmmm… these look delectable! what a great result for your first attempt; you must be pleased! what is your recipe? Is it egg-free? I just use my normal sponge cake recipe for muffins and add blueberries etc, but I'd love to know of there is a different recipe, maybe to get a richer texture or something.

  2. Thank you! I got the recipe from Its not egg-free though. It has the same ingredients as cake batter, but different proportions. This one had one egg, 1/3 cup oil, 1/2 cup milk, 1 1/2 cup flour, 1 1/2 tsp baking powder and 3/4 cup sugar. Plus flavourings of course. (The allrecipes one is for Doughnut Muffins – with cinnamon and powdered sugar)The texture was different from a sponge cake. Soft, but denser. And crumbly. Not as dense as store-bought muffins though… 😦

  3. Thanks aipi and Priya! I end up tweaking almost all the recipes that I get from allrecipes. Some are to adapt them to my taste (like I had to reduce the amount of sugar. The original called for 1 cup! way too much!) or turn them vegetarian, or because some ingredients aren't easily available in India.

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