Crusted Icecream

As promised, here’s the recipe for the ice-cream dessert. It was inspired from a recipe from, which is my recipe mecca!

Chocolate Cake – 200 g
Butter – 2 tbsp
Chocolate Icecream – 400 ml (family pack)
Vanilla Icecream – 400 ml

Aluminium Foil

Crumble the chocolate cake (I used Britannia since I was too lazy to bake one) and mix with cold butter to make a dough. Don’t worry if it is not smooth.
Use the aluminium foil to line a square or rectangular box. Make sure there is an overhang of foil on all four sides. Pat the chocolate dough to cover the foil-covered inside of the box. Try to make the thickness as even as possible. Pour in the softened icecream (one flavour). Freeze for an hour, then add the other flavour of icecream.
Free overnight. To serve, invert the box on the serving plate. Gripping the foil overhang to the plate, slowly lift up the box. Peel off the foil and enjoy!

Instead of making 2 layers of icecream, you can add it in alternating scoops for a different look, or make a ribbon effect with vanilla icecream and chocolate sauce.
I haven’t tried it with any other flavour yet, but I’m sure the basic recipe can be changed with different flavours of cake and icecream. Maybe I should try a pineapple/strawberry combo next time?


Apologies to all!

I’m sorry, dear blog, for ignoring you for a month! Cooking virtual food and reading about the foods of foreigners took up so much of my time that real cooking and real writing both took a backseat. Hoping to remedy that now!

Just to let you know, I hadn’t given up on cooking for a month (what an idea!!!), just the blogging of it.
Here’s some of what I have been up to in the past month…

A vanilla and chocolate layered icecream dessert, with a crumbled chocolate cake crust. Made it for my parents’ anniversary since we all love icecream!

Gujiya and Shakarpare made for Holi… And this is when I got really close to blogging about it, but then realised that every single Indian food blog I could find had a gujiya post for Holi!
Pav-bhaji! Yes that is butter on top, and yes, that is the only butter the whole dish had 😦

Then we started running out of spices, so we had to clean and grind some… Red chillies and coriander seeds drying in the sun.
Back to cooking and this time is was brinjal stuffed with pickle masala in gravy. Inspired by a dish I had at Khan Sahib, GVK One. If you haven’t been there yet, I suggest you change that as soon as possible. Awesome ambiance and delicious delicious food! And great service too!
Kharbuja seeds being dried in preparation for peeling.
Even before mango-season starts, comes the season of kharbuja or musk-melon. Mango lovers would likely kill me for this, but I prefer a good musk melon over mango! And the best part? You can eat the seeds too! 
And there was the lasgana that I made (my first attempt!) that looked and smelled so good that we had finished almost all of it before I remembered that I should have taken pictures. Will definitely be making it again!
The rising heat has brought with it the rising demand for ice-cream. And this was the perfect time to bring out the peppermint extract that I brought from the US nearly an year ago and had been hoarding ever since! Out came the extract, and the chocolate chips, also from the US trip (Hi, My name is Swati and I am a hoarder) and, combined with some local maal, resulted in the dessert-heaven sitting in my freezer right now – Mint Chocolate Chip Icecream! To anyone who does not worship Mint Chocolate-Chip, I say – no, that won’t be polite here. Oh well, insert worst curses you know.
Next on my to-cook list are a few recipes from my fellow-bloggers that set my mouth-watering…
Thanks everyone for reading my update! Hope to be more regular in posting now… 🙂